Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010, oh won't you be lovely.

Hello there!
It's my first time here. A way to make a new start.
Name's Gabriela.

Won't you go away, oh won't you?

Say hello to lovely '10.
I haven't properly said my goodbyes to Mr. '09 even if it's a little late.
Probably because I think it doesn't deserve a proper goodbye.
But I'm going to make a short list of what I want for this year.

The things that keep me breathing underwater:
1. I want to be as strong as a diamond and as thin as a feather.
2. My hipbones WILL stick out by March.
3. I will fall in love again.
4. I will find better friends.
5. I will be dumber.
6. I will let go.
7. I'll try a pretty cigar.
8. I'll paint my nails pink.
9. I'll watch all Andy Warhol movies.
10. I will love the simple things.
11. I will stop swearing. ( but only a fucking bit)
12. I'll meet Alex Evans.
13. I'll go to smashing concerts.
14. I'll wish for the best.
15. I'll miss people.
16. I'll love more.
17. I'll read more.
18. I'll ilegaly download more songs.
19. I'll watch foreign movies.
20. I'll get Demi Lovato's hipbones.
21. I'll memorize movie lines.
22. I'll write pretty lyrics.
23. I'll make up pretty people.
24. My life will be a quote book.

She looks back, not just once, not just twice.

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